What will I do best with my Unstoppable Domain?

I have Unstoppable Domain in my Trust Wallet. Can anyone advise me on what is the best to do with it? Because I’m planning to sell it now for I think I am not getting benefit from it since when I acquired it. Thanks.


Use it to create some cool Dapp of course) Or maybe just an exchange point in your country) Or if you are trade some stuff you can trade it in that site. If you provide any service use this domain in it to people pay you in crypto via blockchain itself)
If you are art person - made your statement to crypto network. You can do anything) Just think wider about it.

And of course, dont sell it. I lost mine( Damn. Will buy some later)


How much did you sold it?

I dont sell, just lost my wallet with it)

This is a conversation that I found when I searched for unstoppable domains because I wanted to buy.

I will buy .crypto for $40 + transaction fee!

And also .eth is $50 for ten years!