When altcoin season?

You all know the fans of the crypto world. there will be a time for “Altcoin season” where all Altcoin starts to rise strongly and many investors enter several altcoins for various reasons and goals.
The question,
When will Altcoin Season occur?
What is the sign when the altseason starts?

please discuss with Relax according to each of your knowledge.


Alt season was…ended a second a ago, look like you missed…time for BTC to shine…


iam late on alt season


General signal for alt season is significant and clear downtrend in Bitcoin dominance. You can monitor this for example on trading view. Just google “Bitcoin dominance tradingview”. It’s worth to watch if it’s decreasing and breaking support levels


Alt season is literally paused right now as btc has risen. BTC downtrend may initiate another cycle


Good answerd guys… i think to this…
Now altseason or not yet?

do you think it’s time to shop Altcoin?

We were in Alt season did you see ALGO chain rising

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I believe it have already accured but the bullrun is still on so look out for more kbc is damn low and buying cos something is about to happen to it and it’s gonna be huge this just my tip for u

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