When the token that you hold you decide to be sold

How do you feel when the crypto you hold increases by 50% 2 hours after you sell it, I feel it when I sell the token twt and it increases 50% (+ _ +)


It’s usually sad to “panic-sell”. Almost all of us are victims of such :joy:
But it is counted as experience… We learn everyday


Hmmm! It’s not easy. But you can try to hold it for long because nobody knows tomorrow. It can be 50% today and 10000% in the days ahead.


feel like fell in trap! :joy:

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I heard such experience with TWT and AWC. Even recently, I need money to pay an urgent bill and sold some XRP hoping to buy back later. Then the next day it moved from $0.19 to $0.30
The annoying is that XRP have been ranging around $0.20 for quite some time before I sold

However, the good thing is buying and hodling these 3 coins and some others at their current price is still a very good buy.

TWT AND SRK I HOLD very long time,and when i sell price go up,still profit but no much…