When will TWT be distributed?

When will TWT tokens be distributed and how will this happen?


I don’t know but it will after 21th August


No one knows how this will be done, just keep your fingers crossed, it will be distributed asap

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Hmmm yeah event end on 21 August

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First week of new month


Which giveaway are you referring to?? Binance or trust community

Read it up by searching it using the search tab.
Meanwhile, the giveaway has ended (7th August). Distribution will be within 30 days after the end of the giveaway

what do you mean by TWT distribution

  • application referral program?
    -500 thousand for the community?
    -or 10 million TWT from binance?
    The question is not clear, from the view of the program, which one do you mean?

We will know for sure after August 21st, but I believe they will be credited on your wallet in a few days after that date if you’re eligible