Where are my missing 0.1 algorands

I think I’m missing something because I cannot understand why is not explained and nobody kas askied that before.

I made a transfer to my algorand wallet, I paid a network fee of 0.002 ALGO (and that’s ok) but I also lost 0.1 ALGO:

As far as I can tell this is so normal that even happens in the tutorial for how to stake algorand:

Is this an unknown fee? Why is there no explanation about it? Is it possible to recover this missing 0.1 ALGO? Where I can find this kind of fee for each crypto wallet in Trust Wallet?

Thanks for your support.

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Hi @Luigirom,

As stated in the notice, 0.1 ALGO will be deducted from your first deposit so that your wallet will be activated. Please be informed that Trust Wallet is not the one who is charging that amount. It is part of the blockchain’s mechanism: Creation methods - Algorand Developer Portal

The required network fee for each crypto will be displayed just like how the notice was placed for Algorand.

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Thanks for your reply @iamdeadlyz,

Now I understand what happened to my 100 micro algos.

I still think the sentence “Accounts require a minimum balance of 0.1 Algo.” is not clear enough as it doesn’t explicitly says you lose that quantity of crypto as it could create confusion (as happened to me) because I understood that the minimum quantity to start an Algorand account was 0.1 Algo.

I would suggest to change that sentence for “0.1 Algo will be deducted from your account in order to activate it”. Something clear that tells you you won’t recover that amount.

Also it’s quite difficult to find a better explanation of what have happened investigating in the official webpage of the cryptocurrency. Anyway in the text you copied it says “…required to maintain balance…” so I understand again that I won’t loose this amount as it’s the minimum to keep my account active (imaging that if I want to close my account I can recover those 100 micro Algos.

Thanks for your support, I hope they change their information in order to be more clear.


Thank you for the feedback as well, @Luigirom. Will relay this to the dev team.

If you have other inquiries, feel free to create a new thread/topic. Cheers!