Where are the NTFs?

Can I draw our attention to something? Even if your answer is “no” I will still have to tell you anyway…(lol). Why are NTFs underrated? Why isn’t there a market for it? or is there? why isn’t there a rush? is non-fungibility a factor? I came into crypto in 2016 through AIRDROPS but all through that phase of my life, i never came across an ERC721 airdrop. why? i do not know. Since trust wallet has been a driving force in DeFi, i have a good feeling that if there by chance an NTF on BSC it would be a good form of awareness and great means of adoption. i believe if NTFs are built on BSC they will definately have a great chance of coming back to lime light just like CRYPTOKITTIES. this is because BSC based DeFi are unarguably the most valued DeFi. so why not? lets explore other crypto assets. ETH has given us NTF… let us not let them die. Please i want y’all to tell me what you think. i’d love this to be interactive as possible. i will do my best to reply to every reply… So, what do you think?