Where did you hear about trust wallet?

I heard about trust wallet in telegram. Where did you hear about it?


I do work in airdrop then I heard about trust wallet

Airdrop pages :smiley:

At telegram by means of airdrop too. :blush:

I saw it on Binance and I installed it. I stared to use it when I realised that I could do Stacking ^^

Ived joined some app to earn crypto then theres one app that refers trust wallet…

The top of binance, wish I had seen it sooner.

Also, how can I post a new thread? Can I not see the “Create Post” button because I am new?


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I heard about Trust Wallet first on Twitter.

Amazing. It would be interesting to see how much people came to. TWT via the airdrop announcement!

A friend told me about it. That it is the best wallet. And ever since then, I have not regretted it.

I somehow found myself requiring a wallet that supported ERC-20 tokens then all the recommendations I got from google and youtube pointed to Trust Wallet, I’ve had it ever since

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I heard about Trust Wallet in Telegram and signed immediately after doing my due diligence on research from reading reviews on google play store as well as Twitter.