Where do you see Trust wallet token Price

With the rapid rise in price of trust wallet token (twt) how fa do you think the price can go this weekend.


It might reach 0.1$ by this weekend


You mean it will drop to $0.01? Maybe or maybe not. Its at a crossroads, wait till 10million is distributed then we can see the true value.


No sorry… It might reach 0.1$


We never can do actual prediction. Crypto market anything can do happen…

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It may be reach 0.075 :rocket:

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True that…many people will dump it…

We can check the price of trust wallet token in coingecko

We can see the price in trust wallet app not just the present value but the variations that the token value has gone through

To be honest the rising price yesterday is because a low liquidity on exhanger (since it is unofficial). Just wait to launch in official listing. Then you will have the true price, liquidity, easily absorbed by both buyer seller

I am also waiting for the trust tokens to be officially listed,excited about it. :blush::grin:

Just wait to become fully functional token. Not experimental.