Where does my swaps and purchases go?

Check peg coins. In trust wallet enable Bianance Peg ETH also TRX check your transactions it will show the token contract address input to your Wallet address
Copy the token addy and search in your trust wallet or pancakeswap and add/enable token.

If you send your transaction link maybe able to help? I maybe in a different time zone so may not reply fast.

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John did you suss out your issue?

Otherwise send your transaction link and can check it out see if we can help at all.

Thank you @FluffyDucks it helped a lot, it was indeed credited for weth.
Regarding tron the swap is pointing to 0x85eac5ac2f758618dfa09bdbe0cf174e7d574d5b and I could add to the list on trustwallet but would you know why the price is 0 in this case?

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Hi, came to my wallet yday to see that all my bnb had gone and checked the transactions and my ECP was sold and sent to this address 0xE13Cf09aEDf86f2259C9c30651247A93F6D378E0, just like another person in this thread, did we find a solution or?

i just had all my coins sent to addresses i have not sent anything tobasically they just drained my account and left $0.01. Any help will be highly appreciated.

@FluffyDucks i see you have helped some people, do you mind helping me if you can please? im at a lost here.

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i don’t think theres a way you can get anything back you can use bscscan to see what transactions were made when but that’s about it

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But how is it possible to send to an address without my input?
how is that possible?

@conrad1981 it can be many ways that your wallet could be drained. Give me a transaction link ill see what up… and if i can answer anything ill try my best.

I am sorry to hear, the best advice I can provide you with is making sure that the browsers you use change the settings to private,

  1. ensure that you block or third party sites
  2. you have 2 step authencity.
  3. any wallets you have Make sure all withdrawals it needs to be confirmed again by either email or sent to your phone as a SMS confirmation.
  4. Do not give out any seeds or phrases to anyone.
  5. Make sure you interact with legit contracts.

If you send the transaction link i could see whats up and answer what I can for you… other than that I may not be able to help further.

you probably got hacked similarly to me, but my hacker only sold my ECP and left all my other tokens for some reason

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Thank you for your reply.
Here is what Im able to make out of all this craziness.

These are the transaction hashes I could find.







Hate when that happens. You have to be diligent. Always have negative people trying to hack or scam.

Hi i need your help, earlier today i found out, some of the coins in my wallet had been sold and transferred over to another wallet without my knowledge ( i have never connected my wallet to something that isn’t pancake swap and i have never given out my phrase to anyone), i tracked it back to find out which address it’s been sent to and it seems that person is stealing other peoples money aswell, by sending bnb in to pay slippage fees then he transfers it over to himself. 0xE13Cf09aEDf86f2259C9c30651247A93F6D378E0. this is his address i don’t know if anything can be done but if something can and i can stop him from damaging more people then i hope this can help.

Hi Fluffyduck, I need help! Earlier today I have swapped SafeTesla to BNB via pancake swap transaction got confirmed but I didn’t receive the coins. I have selected and added all BNB to my wallet but doesn’t show it all.

Here is the transaction hash:


Please help!

Any luck checking those transactions I sent you?
I don’t want to seem pushy, I’m just agitated and pissed off…

Hello everyone,

I am having similar issue here and need help. I have exchanged my elongate coins to trx coins via pancakeswap. I got the transaction successful and I have the confirmation link. I have already some trx coins on my wallet and the trx tab is activated, however, the supposedly converted trx coins are not added to my wallet. It has been about 3 hours now since the transaction was successfully processed. Does anyone know how to proceed from there?

Many thanks in advance

I have the same issue. Swapped SHIB for ETH, gas fee deducted but not credited with ETH in my account. Here is the transaction hash:


@gokublack Yeah, I just recently checked this guy’s hash and it appears he has now stolen more than $100,000 from various accounts. He only has coin sent to him, none out. I know that it is probably impossible to track this down, but if anyone has any ability to “hack” and figure out who owns this account to turn him in, that would be great so more people do not get hurt.