Where is my NFT Token Binance?

Today concluded the airdrop of NFT Token Binance and participated fulfilling all requirements and still not getting mine, I want to know if there are still tokens to distribute or is due to some other problem.

By the way, I get to have seen in Trust Wallet a alert saying something about NFT but was closed accidentally, I suggest add a button to close the alert and you’re not close if you tap anywhere on the screen except the close button, if this were so I would not have lost so what was written on the alert. Thanks

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This promotion is from Binance.
Better check with their team directly.
I am assuming it has not been distributed yet.

bonjour j arrive plus accéder a la pool de stacking du zrx alors que avant j’y arriver et j’ai même mis des jeton en stacking comment je fait maintenant !?

Да мне тоже интересно когда распределяет токены NFT?