Where is the link to invite friends to trustwallet community?

help me, where is the link to invite friends to the trustwallet community🤔


Still asking same question up until now

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Go to your Trust Wallet app, then setting button and look for help center button. Click the proceed arrow and you will be redirected to Trust Community and thank me later.:wink:

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I don’t understand what you mean by friends, what I mean is a link inviting friends to enter the trustswallet community.

@Trustbear13 has done justice to that…follow the process

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Okay, and I understand what you mean now, thank you for the answer you gave me.
Have a nice day

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Всем доброе утро. Токен на подъёме, супер, так держать!

Go to settings and click on invite friend you will get the link

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@shaimaranbir well said my friend

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Open trust wallet click on manue click on setting and click on invite friend

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Thank you for the information, sir
I have understood

See at preseferences and scrool more like this screenshoot, but you must lv2 (member) first,

After it you can see invite here, but 1 email 1 generated referral

За старых рефералов если 400, то их начислят?

Yeah I too have same doubt… And I can’t copy the link