Which coin can be your retirement coin

:speaking_head:Right now in which coin can be your retirement coin and where you want to do invest? How much invest will be okay? :white_check_mark:


Depends probably on your age :smiley: But imo the only coin that really has a good risk/reward ratio and is definitely here to stay is bitcoin. Check top marketcap coins of the last 10 years and you will see that there’s only a tiny amount of coins that remained. I’d say 99% of them died on the way and were replaced by others. If you’re really looking at retirement (and we might be talking 30 years and more) stick with BTC, not some random coin that currently trends and is forgotten in 5 years.


I choose $TWT :trust: :heart_eyes:


I will invest in BTC, ETH and Gold in the long run.
(not advice)


Polkadot (DOT). Already number 6 in market cap, after official launch just 1 week ago


TWT and BNB for me… I have a strong belief that these coins will be huge in the future.


I choose BEB2 network and that was BNB and TWT


Diversifying is the way to go IMO. Split 25% between BTC,ETH and XRP with the last 25% between several alt coins. The big 3 have been here since the last bull run, great use case for future growth (store of value, de-fi and payments), and thus make my foundation as coins here to stay

As for the alt coins, one of them was Chainlink when it was 5, then it since went up just around 20. Even during the current correction at 12 I still doubled and may sling back up to my exit price which I’d reinvest to other alts as well as my big 3. Researching what’s listed on Binance, Kucoin, Kraken as well as researching what Coinbase may be planning on listing (e.g. Synthetix) are good eats to search for alt coins with somewhat minimum risks. Decide a good target price to exit from and empty profits into whatever you designate as a ‘safe’ coin whether it’s Bitcoin/ETH/XRP or a stable coin (as long as it isn’t the fishy Tether coin).


So so true but oin will be the most sure bet.


In my opinion
TWT and Bitcoins

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