Which feature would you Prefer to see first in Trust Wallet?

  • Market Monitoring feature
  • Native DEX

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What do you mean by this 2?
Native (binance chain native) dex is already built in.
Market monitoring what? Volume? Price? Pumps/dumps? - Market monitoring is a part of market analysis, imo, there is already steady market players like tradingview as example. They even create they own programming language for enthusiasts to write indicators, strategys or even trade bots with it. Check they mobile app.

So in order to get better trading expirience from trust wallet i will recommend to deploy in wallet some folio tracker features, that will help you track your stats as a trader and automaticly collect info about your trades to count Profit/loses of trades in certain pair and in folio. That will count correct fees from tx in exchange and so. I wrote a post on some features, that can be, imo, helpfull. If you wish - check it here: /t/for-navigation-organization-tx-in-app-and-stats-of-portfolio-features/55864?u=kikcha But still waiting for approwal when i writw this one. Should be avalible later.