Which main cause of price decrease of any coin

Which the main cause of price decrease of any coin in crytocyrancy ?


There are many sellers than buyers, thus the supply increase and the demand decrease.


Thats not an easy answer, It could be caused by many factors.

  • FUD / Fake news
  • False or fake promises
  • Roadmap overdue / underdelivery
  • Hacks / chain exploits
  • Weak hands or just profit taking

Its always an unbalance about supply and demand.


The price drops if there is less buyers than sellers … This could be caused by many factors as said above


Crypto Currency prices change by market forces on a regular basis. By this we mean the price of the coin changes due to supply and demand. If more people are interested in purchasing a coin (demand) than selling it (supply), then the price changes. Conversely, if more people were to sell a product than purchase it, the supply would be higher than demand , and the price would decline.

Learn more about Supply and Demand here

Its easy to grasp supply and demand. What’s hard to grasp is what makes people like one coin and dislikes another coin. This comes down to finding out what is good news for a company and what is bad news. This question has many solutions and just about every investor you ask has their own ideas and strategies.

That being said, the key idea is that a coin’s price action indicates what the investors believe a company is worth. Don’t compare the worth of a product to the coin price.


I think it is depends on the supply and demand


For me the main cause is the DEV team has no future plan and no use case basis to thier token…thats why many holders are selling afraid to the token become priceless


Price dwindling is mainly as a result of demand and supply of the coin/token.


I think the law of demand and supply is the cause. when the demand is high the price increase and when the demand is low the price decrease

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