Why Crypto Purchase is Not Available?

Not Available?

When purchasing crypto on the Trust Wallet app, you will be redirected to a 3rd party provider. The provider charges a conversion and network fee. Trust Wallet app does not collect any fees.

The crypto provider only operates in certain countries and they offer several crypto assets that you can purchase with your credit card.

Here are some examples from MoonPay:
Which cryptocurrencies do you support?
Who can use MoonPay?

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An error message, “Not Available” will show up on the crypto purchase screen due to the following reasons:

  • The provider is not selling the crypto in your current location.
  • The provider has turned off purchases for this asset.
  • Lack of liquidity due to high demand of users.
  • The amount you are trying to buy is below the minimum available (this is a rare scenario).

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What can I do?

  • For first time buyers, check the list of providers to confirm if crypto purchase is available in your location.
  • If you had successfully purchased the crypto before, check if a different provider is available.
  • The provider might be facing some technical difficulties, try again at a later time.

If you have any concerns with your purchase, please reach out to the crypto provider.
Please check the list of cryptocurrency providers for their contact information.