Why did I not receive a TWT Token!

Since 2017 I have been an active trader on the Binance exchange but have never received bonuses from this exchange. For example ; Yesterday the exchange distributed 100 twt tokens to most of its users, but I did not receive it, I do not know how the users are chosen.


For most tokens in binance you have to hold bnb in your wallet to recive distribution and for TWT distribution need KYC and trade.

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Nobody knowa why they received it, this could be linked to many #christmas giveaways currently active on Binance Chain. :christmas_tree:

Nobody knows :face_with_monocle:


They deserve the right to distribute the twt airdrop as they deem fit, nobody know how the process was carried out, so hopefully we would get update :soon:.

Speculation are that it’s about to be listed otherwise it would have been sent to our trustwallet instead.

Thanks personal observation by the way.

I do not think it is related to the trade and kyc because my friend from the days of the establishment of a new account on the exchange Binance and the balance of zero and his account was not kyc but received 100 twt token.:sunglasses:


Read this Binance TWT distribution


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Tôi rất thích vì tôi dành hét tât cả

Write a ticket to Binance zendesk, they will decide this question if you have traded history.

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من هم هنوز دریافت نکردم و کاملا پست شما حرف من است :pensive:

این فقظ برای کسایی که تو یه مدت خاص ترید کردن بوده و اگه تا الان جابجا نکردی باینانس ازت پس گرفته.
اگه هم ترید کردی و نگرفتی به پشتیبانی باینانس یه پیام بده تا بررسی کنن برات

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راحت به پشتیبانی پیام بده
دیگه جرا این قدر خودت اذیت می کنی
منم قبلا جنین مشکلی داشتم