Why do I need to add money to convert USDt?

I am totally new to this world and recently have been trading via a financial adviser. They sent me my profits and I can see the USDt in my Trust Wallet but can’t do anything with it. Screenshot attached.

When I spoke to the financial adviser I was told I need to add around 4k to my TW for them to convert the amount. This seems strange to me. Has anyone else come across this before? I don’t know what to do…its seems like a large sum.

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@ZiLewis That’s a scam and you need to disregard that.
Also if you were given a wallet to add money to, that wallet is most likely compromised.
Please read the guides below and educate yourself better on these common scam tricks.

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Thank you @Tobi I guessed as much.

I had set up the wallet myself then they sent money to it, so I believe the wallet is safe. However, I am unable to withdraw the amount to an exchange to do anything with it.

I could do with some help in that matter, if anyone can guide me.

@ZiLewis I would advise you open a new wallet and move your funds there just to be on a safe side.