Why is my TWT counter reset to zero?

Hi, I blocked SYRUP yesterday at the start of the day and it won me 5 TWT after a few hours. At the end of the day I pressed the plus (+) button to add more SYRUP and my counter started again from zero.

Why did he go back to zero ? Have I lost the TWTs already earned ?


Hi @zenimagine,

When you stake/unstake, your rewards will be claimed as well. You can double-check it using http://bscan.com/


you don’t lose it, try to check the top right, balance, you will see

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You cn chck your balance first


Sorry but I am discovering the smart contract. Can I take screenshots and post them here without compromising on my wallet security?


Yes you can… I dont thinl there is any risk involved

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Please, how can one do the above post to start earning TWT?

@Goldfire You need to stake SYRUP to get TWT as rewards.

@zenimagine you can send your public wallet address here so I can take a look at it

I tried to add SYRUP in my trust wallet app, nothing show up

How can I add it?

You can search for SyrupBar Token so you can enable it.

Are you trying to deposit or you just want to enable the addres

I searched for SyrupBar Token, nothing appear to enable.

What is the problem?

I want to enable the address first

Make sure you selected “Multi-Coin Wallet” as your wallet. Go to settings > wallet > then select it.

Go to were the arrow point to

Search for the coin name or copy the contract address of the coin you want to enable and paste it there and enable it

Hello, when I convert SYRUP to CAKE it is divided by 2. Why? Normally 1 SYRUP is equal to 1 CAKE. Explain me ?

Well I give up, it’s super louds. Unable to withdraw my money, every time it doesn’t work and I pay incredible fees for nothing. However I have BNB BEP2 and BEP20

Increase the gas fee… From the screen… It fails because of the time spam… If you increase gas fee it should work possibly

And pls make sure you go to unstack first … When you unstack your reward will be withdraw automatically