Why Some Tokens Don't Display Price in Trust?

I really like Trust Wallet for its robustness and simplicity but I will like to know why some Tokens don’t Display the current price in trust wallet.
For instance TST (TBC Shopping Token) isn’t displaying price in the wallet.


If the token has not been listed or start trading, it won’t show price


The Token must be new or hasn’t Listed anywhere in CMC.
Trust Wallet only Shows price of Tokens which is listed somewhere in Market.


The token is on Bitcratic and Uniswap Exchange currently. Coingecko also displays it’s price chart currently.

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Maybe trustwallet api is not updated on coingecko listing.


A topic for discussion I guess.

Hi. Read this article: community.trustwallet.c o m /t/where-does-trust-wallet-get-coin-pricing-data-from/333


yes it shows now :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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The possibility that the tokens haven’t been listed in any market.

It is possible that the exchange listing the tokens is unverified


It is possible not not in this case as the said token is on Bitcratic and Uniswap Exchanges. Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and some other price data sources displays said token in their price chart. So the only logical explanation is the explanation given in the article link posted by @Kikcha which is trading volume of $10,000 and above. So if any token or coin reaches that trading volume, it’s price information will be displayed on Trust Wallet.

Hey guys, I have recently bought safemoon tokens. It’s currently sitting in my trust wallet. The number of tokens keeps rising and falling every time I check it out. Does any1 know why ?