Why Trust Wallet is the mother of them all

I would like to point something that really made me fall in love with Trust wallet.
I had AWC coins, the governance coins for Atomic wallet and I needed to swap them urgently, after all they were my money 🤷 originally their wallet wont let you do that, but with :shield: Trust wallet :rocket: that is something of the past, just transfer them to a bnb address on Trust wallet hit swap and swap them to BNB in seconds​:dizzy:. After that with the Binance Dex on board the app you can trade them to any kind of tokens you want.

Thank me later :joy::wink:


No doubt, trust wallet is solution to all problems, it’s easy to use, all swap are easy on trust wallet, great services provided by trust wallet


You can say that again. In Trust, we trust.

You are not far from the truth, good product they say sells it’s self.

This is so helpful, thanks for the tip.

Seriously I really taught I was interligent but I just saw some one like me
I did that strategy 2weeks Ago I exchanged 15$ awc to bnb then to btc
Thanks to trust wallet :grin:

Trust all the way. By all ramifications.

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