Why we use trust wallet more than other wallets?

I think when we are using trust wallet more than others there are more opportunities we can gain , do u think like that ?


Because it is more safer and always updated in line with current what cryptoworld wants.


Trust wallet is very secured and so simple to use.


New and very good things will come to the community, all in due course. Enjoy your experience, and help other people to know the world of cryptocurrencies. Teach them to use the trusted wallet correctly.


Also the ecr20 crypto compatibility make this wallet epic,


Coz it is fully decentralized i have control managing my coins and tokens as well as Private keys at the same time…

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Very simple and user-friendly. Very safe and secured…I can’t think of any other

Simple dashboard view, up to date for the new coin, easy to use for begginer.

my personal reasons: secured, unique, many other things that you can do like staking and easy to use

Needs to be more secure against phishers and hackers for sure… needs 2FA… too many people including myself lost all funds