Why were my topics closed? Also, the liquidity has now been removed

My topics have been closed when I and another user were still discussing after losing money to a scam token. I hope he sees this. I haven’t been able to sell either.

I tried multiple times over the last week to say bring it to attention so nobody else would be scammed and moderator’s on here have passed it off as ‘clearing cache’ without any other indication. Many, many more people have lost £100’s and £1,000’s now to this token.

The creators have now removed the liquidity and we are now completely unable to sell, even if we ever could sell in the future, we definitely can’t now.

Is there literally anything I can do? I tried emailing/ tweeting etc, as well as posting on here and haven’t been able to get anywhere and now the liquidity has been removed (also tanking my value), further money has been lost.

The support for Trust Wallet being so big seems rather poor.

Hello, this is actually not a Trust wallet problem, if liquidity on a token was removed, there is nothing we can do about that.
Trust wallet is only to aid keeping your funds safe by being non custodial.