Win Gensokishi NFTs

We are making it even more exciting for Filipino gamers, with a bigger prize pool and with more exciting prizes such as in-game NFTs.

Gensokishi Online is a game that is adapted from the award winning Playstation/Nintendo Switch game “Elemental Knights.” The game brings users into an epic fantasy adventure where they can fight monsters and unleash powerful skills, join quests and many more.

For more information about the game, please visit their website.


Promotion A: Win 1,100 PHP worth of BNB tokens when you complete the tasks below:

  1. Retweet & Like the Campaign post on Twitter:
  2. Follow Trust Wallet Filipino on Twitter:
  3. Join Trust Wallet Filipino on Telegram:
  4. Follow us on Instagram:
  5. Follow us on Tiktok:

10 participants will be chosen randomly through a raffle draw and each will win 1,100 PHP worth of BNB tokens.

Promotion B: Buy ROND tokens using Trust Wallet to have a chance to win 11,000 PHP to 27,500 PHP worth of Cosplay or Base Equipment

  1. Buy at least $5(275 PHP) worth of ROND tokens via and connect your Trust Wallet (through Wallet connect). You will see Trust Wallet as an option through this method.
  2. Screenshot and copy your transaction hash
    1. Input the hash on the registration form.
    2. Upload the screenshot to the registration form
  • 4 users will be chosen randomly through a raffle draw and each will win 1 Cosplay or Base Equipment worth 11,000 PHP each.
  • 1 user will win 27,500 PHP worth of Equipment for the Grand Prize!

How to join:

  1. Fill out the campaign registration form to submit entries. Details on the following should be done/submitted:
    • Your social media handles
    • Wallet Address (BEP20)
    • Transaction Hash
    • Screenshot of your transaction
  2. Complete the tasks in Promotion A and B.

How to add a custom token to Trust Wallet:

  1. To add a new token, click on the icon found on the upper right side of your wallet.

  2. Click the “+” plus icon just beside the search text field

  3. Input the Token details for ROND in the next page:

ROND token details:

Terms & Conditions

  1. Participants will need to complete the tasks through the campaign link:
  2. A total of 83,000 PHP worth of BNB and Gensokishi NFT will be distributed among the winning contestants who have completed the following steps:
    • social media tasks
    • Bought ROND tokens using Trust Wallet
  3. A participant can win once per Promotion. If a participant has won on Promotion A, they can still win on Promotion B.
  4. Promotion A and B winners will be picked through a raffle draw.
  5. Participants’ requirements will be validated prior to the winners being chosen. If an entrant does not meet the requirements they will be removed from the list of possible winners.
  6. Distribution of tokens will be made directly to the qualifying participants’ wallet address within 30 days of the activity ending.
  7. Trust Wallet reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is deemed to break any of the above rules or act with malicious intent.
  8. Trust Wallet reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion.