Wink(win) sent from exchange but not received on trust wallet

Hi. I withdrew wink(win) from exchange and sent it to my trust wallet on Trc20. It has been sent by the sender, but has not been received after 50 hours. Please help


I had this problem. I sent some wink from my binance account to trust my wink address in wallet but it didn’t show. please help who knows the answer.


I have this problem too…what should i do?nobody answer here and i lost 3000000 Win

Hi did anyone get back to you or did your Wink (win) arrive in your trust wallet ??

I have sent/swapped cake to Wink via WBNB. I have the complete Success hash tag but no Wink in my wallet !!

did your issue get resolved ??

many thanks

please help me I have same issue 1184ca59cec40a6ad46876309390d02cd377317ba79ba6dce592a30cd0f28885

I have the same problem.

Converted WINK to BNB on PancakeSwap but it hasn’t updated my Trust Wallet (still shows I have WINK).

When I go to PancakeSwap now, it shows I have 0 WINK but it hasn’t added it to my BNB/WBNB.

Does anyone know why?

Did Trust wallet fix your problwm? I have problem same. I submit request also

Nope, no contact and not fixed sadly. Typical that WIN is losing value all this time too

Hi there when u transfer from binance did u chose bep20 version of winks in trust wallet that might be your issue u can still click on bep20 wink and issue should be solved also please consider joining new winks reddit group called winksters we need all win army