Wisdom of the Crowd: share your crypto knowledge & earn TWT

The Trust Wallet community has exploded in the past few months. Whether it’s farmers hungry for the newest yields, NFT art collectors curating their own personal art galleries, or simply people making their first ever crypto purchase through the app; we’re thrilled to have you all onboard.

Now, we want to harness the wisdom of our crowd and let community members, like yourself, help the next generation of crypto enthusiasts get the most out of Trust Wallet.

In the next few weeks we’ll be launching the first Wisdom of the Crowd contest. We’ll be inviting you to contribute name ideas, videos and high quality written content. In return, you could earn yourself some crypto.

You’ll have the chance to enter one off contests, earn some healthy doses of TWT and if your contributions are top notch you could win the chance to become a regular Wisdom of the Crowd contributor.

To take part you’re going to need to be following us on Social Media for the announcement of each contest, and you’ll need to be a community member at community.trustwallet.com to submit your entries.

Are you ready?

Join the community today, and follow us on Twitter to hear about the first contest.