Withdraw BNB from Coinspot, but I didn't receive anything


I need only 0.40$ SmartChain BnB please help me :slight_smile: i will back you that money…

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Can you help me? 3 error transaction but i’m still being charge for the gas fee

what is it you are trying to do and where? please show screenshot of error message, or send tx or address here

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Here’s the address btw.


I’ve tried 3 times

along007 if you want to help me, please, I would be very grateful, i need 0.40$ smartchain dor transfer busd to bnb, please along

There are no transcations for that address, what is it you are trying to do and where?


Can you try this one if you can see? That’s the transaction hash.
I’m trying to send my funds to cash out using trust wallet

i need SmartChain BnB 0.40%, i will back you… please man


no one helping in this forumi only need 0.1 usd bnb but no one helped me

Hi guys, i bought some safe mars today and it still hasn’t shown up on my trust wallet?? I mean when i press my smart chain it shows the transaction went through…

Please help me along007.
I’m still beinf charge for the network fees. I’m using trust wallet.
Here’s the transaction hash




And here’s my trust wallet address:

  • 0x6BE3468837091681019FE35A7D7752B7EFE4fBCF

I see now, you are using erc20 ethereum network, but what are you trying to actually do? What transaction are you trying make?



I’m cashing out my funds sending to this app coinsph so that i can withdraw but it will not go through and still charged for the network fees

You have funds you are trying to withdraw from coinsph? what is it your are trying to withdraw?

Its my ethreum so that i can convert it to to real money and withdraw it

So, you have ethereum in trustwallet and trying to send it to coinsph?

you should of received bep20 bnb to this address? how long ago did you make the swap? and what is the bep2 address is what sent from

Yes that’s what I’m doing. But it did not go through error but there’s deduction for the network fees

Yeah, I can see bro, keeps cancelling the tx and using some of the gas fee, maybe check with your coinsph account, but not obvious whats happening here my friend

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