Withdraw from Bittrex to Trust wallet?

I have some BTC in Bittrex exchange, which from what I understand is a legacy address which can not send to segwit address (please correct me if I’m wrong), can I withdraw from Bittrex directly to Trust wallet?


Trust Wallet is bech32, bittrex can’t send or receive from a bech32 wallet

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So I will send to send somewhere else first, any suggestions? I’ve found Exodus wallet which looks like it can receive a legacy and then send a bech32

I don’t know much about Exodus Wallet neither have I used it before but if you are sure it can receive from legacy Wallet and also send to a bech32 wallet then you can give it a trial

I’m just reading up on to now, I’ve installed the IOS wallet, it gives options to receive with BTC to an address starting with a 1, so I think this a legacy address

Let me go search about it…I will be back with answers

It worked. Exodus gives the option to receive to a legacy address, then able to send into trust wallet.