Withdrawal to bank accounts and network fees

How come we can use our bank accounts to purchase crypto but we can’t withdraw back or sell then withdraw back to that bank. Also how can we add funds to pay the network fees for sending or trading and not pay $50usd to buy the crypto we need to pay the network fee. I only have a network fee of $0.01 and I don’t want to buy $50 worth.


Hi @Rasengan,

You need to send your crypto to a third party exchanger to cash out. Please see this guide for some suggestions:

You can search for exchanges then buy from them so you can have add more crypto and pay for the network fees.


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@iamdeadlyz if I send crypto to an exchange, I need to pay a network fee for doing so. But the 2 crypto currencies I have I don’t have any eth or bnb to pay the fees how can I go about paying these fees if I don’t have any and don’t want to put $50min to these crypto? How is the exchange going to work?

For centralized exchanges, you simply need to create an account and buy from them. The minimum $ to spend depends on them.

You have mentioned that you need BNB, what is the crypto that you are trying to send out? Also, please send the wallet address for that one.

Hello everyone,

I am pretty new to TrustWallet so I am not sure it’s the right place to write this.
I started to use TrustWallet two days ago and bought some BNB for $3000. Surprisingly after my purchase, only $2600 appeared on my account. I reached out to Simplex and they told me that I bought BNB at an exchange rate of 6.11 which was not true because I bought it around 5.85. The only time BNB was at 6.11 that day was 7 hours before I bought mine. Simplex told me that they took $100 fees which is fine but where are my $300 left…?
That was one problem.

Then I decided to not use Trust Wallet and wanted to withdrawal my money before it gets worse. So I tried to transfer my BNB to cryptoCOM and also BinanceUS in order to be able to withdrawal because TrustWallet doesn’t give us this option.
I tried small amounts first to make sure it will work correctly and it didn’t! My money was transferred out of my Trustwallet app but never got to my crypto and binance app. So I emailed Trustwallet support and here is the answer they gave me (after ignoring few emails):
Please be careful when sending your tokens.
If you sent your funds to a wrong address, there is no way for us to assist.
The owner of the receiving address is the only one that can send your funds back.
Please be careful next time.

Like… is this business run by some kids or what?! They completely lost my trust and will not recommande them to anyone to be honest!
I didn’t do any mistakes and tried many times. It’s just not working. The money leaves my Trustwallet but never gets to my other accounts.

Can anyone please help me and explain to me how do withdrawal all of my money?
I still don’t know where my $300 went…

Thanks for your help.

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I have the same problem … I have a balance in USDT and i tried to withdrawal many time i couldn’t … they always asking about network fee . its very high rate fee … I’m loosing my money in this case …
how can i withdrawal my money wit low rate fee ?

I have same problem…
Plz tell what to do…
Repl as soon as possible…
My money is stuck…
Solutions plz

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If I tried to exchange or swap for bnb it asks for bnb as network fee. Why is it not possible to deduct fee from bnb that I will purchase. I don’t have bnb balance that’s why I am exchanging for bnb. network fee shoud be deducted from my current crypto balance. It is not possible to buy minimum bnb for network fee. looking for quick solution for this issue

@devastha it blockchains doesn’t work like that, read here about blockchains and their corresponding fees: Blockchains that Require Network fees