Withdrew my BNB to incorrect ID

I was looking everywhere for my Binance ID I could find it at the time, so I thought that if I just used the recipient ID that deposited into my trust wallet from Binance it would withdraw to my account which it hasn’t… I spoke to Binance and they say nothing on their side, just wondering if anyone can help recovering my coins

Trans 3F98F2BCBABEC53334B26B455EB2CBA00B86B3E6EF040F46F65218D845C86943

From - bnb1f8cuwf27yv3l4c6qwkcuart9asve3y99nc0092

To - bnb1uwdm6vrfvx43wqj8cj3h362kad0g0nrk3gumg8

Blockheigut 158063196

Try to follow this guide: How to Retrieve Crypto Deposit with Wrong or Missing Tag/Memo | Binance Support

You may contact them here as well:

Hi Jenny, tried using the recovery but couldn’t get past the part where you enter your information regarding the deposit it advises a mismatch of information, however I have entered the information that I have in relation to the transaction on trust wallet??

Did you have any luck, I’ve done exactly the same thing and have the same problems with mismatched info?

Yeah I had to go back through to Binance, currently I am awaiting them to return the funds into my wallet, they will charge for the service 0.001 BTC

From trustwallet address: bnb13sjutrpce3960xvjuqx389dktjgynjhu6gtawt.
To Binance address:
TxHash: 3DD9F53539C7C7BAA2894957DF6465B81F940E9641483F345E8B9066EE941DC5. It was confirmed successful but bnb not received because of wrong memo. Trustwallet please help