Wrapped Maker Retrieval

I joined in on the Binance Smart Chain Wrapped Maker promotion maybe two weeks ago, not to mention it’s my initial attempt to acquire free coin. Im receiving emails constantly from what i believe to be the contract address which is [Address Watch Alert] Tokens Sent from 0xd43a1d4ec2c6fc4afeccacecf3f17eda696e727c (Wrapped Marker).
I’ve not received the aforementioned promotion of coins which I’ve broken down to the sum of $250 dollars give or take, taken into consideration the crypto market’s propensity of high and low differentiation. As it stands I have my BSC Wallet address on hand for the reception I’ve been patiently awaiting. The help in acquiring the much needed tokens are going to fund some much needed projects not only for myself but for my children’s summer activities as well. I’m awaiting a response from an administrator or someone of the nature to help in retrieval of these tokens.

@MeanReemJenkins I don’t think this is a trust wallet issue, did you try contacting the source of this transfer? (that is the sender)

Hello @MeanReemJenkins we are not aware of such promotion and it doesn’t affiliate with Trust wallet. Also, it sounds like scam, don’t send your money to such address and delete watch wallet as it is not your wallet and you’ll not have access to control it. Scammers ask you to import address and make you believe it is your wallet while it is not.

NB: Please be informed that Trust Wallet cannot reverse, cancel, nor refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain.