Wrong value received after swapping

I swapped my BNB smart chain to ETH in trust wallet using the swap button on the bottom. My BNB smart chain was worth $100 but after the swap I only received $67 worth of ETH. I have $100 worth of BNB smart chain coin and $33 Worth worth of BNB coin. Maybe the system read the eth to be received after swap was only $67 because I still have $33 worth of BNB coin.
Country is philppines and Im using an iPhone Xr with iOs version 16.6.1. Here is the transaction hash 0xb3f55def7508972f01060109b289636ecbd2c07d4afed12ad65722138e827668

Already submitted a ticket but still no reply.

@Rickedrick Don’t forget fees are charged for any transaction done

Hi @Tobi , Yes ofcourse i checked that. but if you will check my transaction fee, burnt fee and gas price. The fee is only around $1

@Rickedrick Please go through your transactions and check the fee under each.
Your tokens are complete.