Xpose transaction is missing

Yesterday I bought three times Xpose with BNB. Transactions 1 and 3 are little amount of Xpose and are directly shown in my wallet. The second transaction of $47 is succesfull but is not showing in my wallet.

I added a new wallet but no results.

Can anyone tell me where my Xpose amount is? And how to fix this?


Hi @Jellew,

Taking a look at your transactions, nothing is missing.

You can double-check here: https://bscscan.com/token/0xcc10c8afd683c5aa86b1d170d75b555bce5a2c37?a=0x542d21aa629a46eb735653fb4055e7eef04fbd54

Thanks for your quick reply @iamdeadlyz

I think the amount of euros is not correct. See a overview of my wallet. The second transaction was €46. In my wallet I see only €9,29.

How can I fix this?

I cant upload a image of my wallet here.

Where can I contact a admin of Trust app?

I need a answer in my question.

Anyone a idea how I can reach them ?

Try to upload images again.

The official support lines are:

We can talk here.

The amount of Xpose is much more then the €9,29 that is showing in my wallet.

How can I fix this? @iamdeadlyz

The pricing data comes from https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/xpose/.

You can also enter the amount on Pancakeswap so you can check.

Thanks for your help @iamdeadlyz!

Everything is clear now. I will use the pancakswap app.

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