Xrp deducted from deposited balance

Hello. I sent 20.69 hxrp to the trust wallet, but 0.69 xrp was credited. Why? Where are the others? I have been waiting for 3 days and have already updated my wallet 2 times, but the cryptocurrency has not returned. The technical service is not responding. Help me.

Hi, @Skoch88 There is a 20 XRP fee required in order to activate an XRP wallet. This is set by the XRP network and not by the app.
To learn more about this Reserve Requirement, you can check the technical document that explains it further: https://xrpl.org/reserves.html
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Is there a way to close the xrp wallet and retrieve the 15xrp? Does trust wallet help in doing so like xumm

hello! found a way to return 15 XRP? ccCCccccccccccc fdfgsdf432432432432432