XRP dis not recieved in my Coinsbit XRP address?

Please can someone help me, i had deposited XRP in my coinsbit account. I did not know that the address of XRP in my Coinsbit account has its memo tag thats why I sent it without memo. But after I sent it I found out that there is memo tag. And now my XRP has lost. What will I do to recover my XRP? Please Help. Thanks


Open a support ticket with coinsbit. Explain what’s up and give ALL the details or your transaction and accounts


Hello pls bear in mind that each time you try to send out token do check if it has memo ,it helps to track your transactions and credited in to your wallet pls you need to contact the admin of coinsbit and see if they can help in most cases it is lost because warning are always display before you start any transactions


Thanks mate you’re right I think I need to send ticket to them regarding my concern. :blush::+1:


I did that checked first the memo tag in many times but did not appear in there, So I thought that the address has no tag. But after I sent it to my coinsbit account and seems that my deposit XRP was not yet received so I decided to check again the address, and I found out that it has a memo tag. In my opinion I have no fault because I checked it many times, The fault was with their platform that has poor quality and always in error status when connecting to server.


Ok go ahead and submit ticket to them hopefully it will be sorted


Contact support team


Many a times we are often worried and scared of being scammed. But let’s be reminded we can lose our coins or token by ourselves. Let’s be careful :pray:

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please can some help me out? 20XRP was sent to my wallet, its up to 24 hours now and it haven’t reflected on my wallet.I dint use a tag because trust wallet don’t attach tag to it wallet ID. what could be the reason why? although i just downloaded the app and i added XRP to my wallets