Xrp transaction succes but not showing in wallet?

hello all,

i 've done this transaction 3 times this week and this time it got stuck in mempool on the platform i was sending from . support helped out and cleared it . As far as i understand everything i see its been succesfull on xrpscan and the amount xrp should be in my wallet , however it is not this time .

6985346F8A0CC9F3CC264E43D38CCA20947D3CB1D870ADFD4D851EC573285177 : transaction
rMpXYptGNN4Pq6cHgbjx2eXavYSEwPP7bH : receiving trust wallet xrp adress.

can anyone help ? thanks in advance !

ps: i’ve been busy trying to sort this all day …

@TunedArt send all details asked on the other thread. Don’t duplicate the threads with same issue.

I moved xrp from bitvavo ( official dutch platform ) to trust wallet . But it doesnt show in my balance … i have already deleted the wallet and importef back but nothing changes. Blockhhain says succes on transaction.

Previous 2 exactly the same transactions went through no problem :man_shrugging:t2:


@TunedArt try to use VPN (try different servers and different VPN apps) and refresh your wallet, if problem persists try to reimport your wallet, here’s guide: How to Re-Import your Wallet

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