(YFI) overcoming barriers

Yesterday I made a small post about YFI, that for me it is like BTC Jr. :sweat_smile: due to the fact that it started a few months ago with a price approx. of $ 32 and now today is priced at $ 10,351 :scream: , I guess whoever invested in this has long, it must have felt like when some people invested in BTC before it reached $ 300. :rofl: :star_struck: :partying_face:

Today was that you notice that your Max Supply is 30,000 coins. :thinking:
That is, if YFI had the same market capitalization as BTC, each YFI would cost $ 7.42M


Yeah it’s my mistake bro i see these the zpae and yfi made there all time lows😴i didn’t buy so sad,


This about the supply is interesting right? Some people may have thought “wow many must have become rich with yfi, look at the price”, but actually if you look at the supply, how they were gained in the first place and how most yfi (more than half) is illiquid and locked in staking pools…

It can actually still go up big.
Or down.

But it’s very interesting.

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Wow… I didn’t know about this coin… It’s a good project

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