You don't have enough Arbitrum (ETH) to cover network fees

Greetings Trust community members,

I’ve encountered an obstacle while attempting to transfer ARB (ARB) to an external wallet. After browsing through similar posts on the forum, the suggested solutions have only compounded the issue. My aim with this message is to seek clarification on the problem and hopefully offer assistance to other members facing similar challenges.

To begin, here are my wallet balances:

Initially, I endeavored to transfer ARB to the designated external ARB wallet address, resulting in the following error:

Initially, I misunderstood the error as pertaining to ETH (ETH), hence the minor ETH balance visible in the first screenshot. Subsequently, I endeavored to acquire some ETH (ARB) to cover the gas fee. Regrettably, this action only replenished the ARB balance:

My subsequent attempt involved swapping some ARB for ETH (ARB), yet this resulted in another error:

You don’t have enough Arbitrum (ETH) to cover network fees

If my comprehension is correct, the solution entails maintaining an ETH (ARB) balance to cover the gas fee for withdrawing ARB (ARB). However, as evidenced, this approach has not proven successful.

Furthermore, I find it perplexing that the UI does not clearly indicate the precise amount of ETH (ARB) required to withdraw all ARB (ARB). Is there a tool or calculator available to ascertain the exact amount, thus preventing unnecessary expenditure on ETH (ARB)?

Thank you.

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@proposal5843 You need ETH on the Arbitrum network, from your screenshot you have ETH but on the ERC network.

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Hi @Tobi thanks for the reply, please read on further in the post. My problem is I have tried to top up my ETH (ARB) but cannot due to blockers

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@proposal5843 In your first screenshot you have 3 tokens; ARB, ETH, ETH
The third ETH is what you need to fund as it’s on the Arbitrum network.

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Hi @Tobi I agree.

My issue is topping up the ETH (ARB) coin that currently has a 0 balance. I’ve tried two ways:

  1. Buying ETH (ARB) within the Trust wallet app: this led to the ARB balance being topped up by 13.53 ARB

  2. Swapping ARB for ETH (ARB): this led to the error You don’t have enough Arbitrum (ETH) to cover network fees

Is there any other way I can top up the ETH (ARB) balance to be used for the gas fees?

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@proposal5843 You’re doing it wrong.
You need to deposit ETH on the “ARBITRUM network”.
Select the Arbitrum network when trying to send to your Trust app.
You didn’t also buy ETH on the ARB network, you bought ARB on the Arbitrum network.

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@Tobi are you saying it’s possible to send ETH (on Ethereum network) to the ETH (Arbitrum) address in Trust wallet?

If this is possible, I can try this.

As stated previously I bought €28 worth of ETH (on Arbitrum network) and it just topped up the ARB (on Arbitrum) balance by 13.53 ARB

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@proposal5843 No you need to send on the Arbitrum network.

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@Tobi thanks for all of your support.

My solution was buying regular ETH on Binance, then withdrawing that ETH to my Trust Wallet ARB address via Arbitrum One network. The ETH (ARB) balance topped up, and I could use this to pay the gas fees to transfer the ARB (ARB) out.



@proposal5843 Awesome, enjoy your day! Stay SAFU.