You should to know that DeFi is a good stuff

Potential Impacts of Decentralized Finance

  1. Global access to financial services

With decentralized finance, anyone with an internet connection and smartphone can access various financial services that were previously constrained by the system:

Status: no restrictions on nationality, documentation

Wealth: A sufficiently high limit to access financial services

Location: Long distances between economic activities and financial service providers.

  1. Affordable Cross-Border Payments

Decentralized finance removes expensive middlemen and makes remittances cheaper across the globe.

In the current system, it is very expensive to send money between countries with an average remittance fee of around 7%. Through decentralized finance services, remittance fees can be reduced to below 3%.

  1. A Good privacy and security
    In decentralized finance, users who have direct access to their accounts (= wealth) and can carry out transactions safely without validation from the central authority (e.g. banks).

  2. Censorship resistant transactions
    In a decentralized system, transactions are immutable and the blockchain cannot be closed by governments, central banks or large companies.

  3. Easy use
    In many cases, decentralized finance makes certain types of transactions easier when compared to the complexity of a centralized system for similar services.

So, do you interest about DeFi?


I am a big bag holder in Elrond right now. Defi Is the future of crypto in my opinion

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I love the fact that you are your own bank…and rather than trust, we verify.

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