Your highest gains in Crypto?

What were your highest gains so far, and in which currency?
Mine are currently Elrond with a 10x, or 1000% gain. Not the legendary 100 or 1000x people keep talking about but can’t complain :grin:


@essimoon it’s good. I like your being truthful and open as well. But how much are you going to share me from this your gains?


I picked up a small amount of BTC in 2017

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right now ethereum is on flames so buy at low and sell at high😉


Just stated but in USD have made around $500

@Bishoppope To be completely transparent, I only invested 20 bucks in ERD before they 10x’d so I’m far from rich. But it was still a cool experience :joy:


Ethereum is the one for me.i have just a few dollars worth but now it has increased so much

$2,000 on btc recently

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I have up to 0.3eth. How much do you think I can sell it presently?

thats around 100 bucks at the moment. No financial advice but I’d hold on it :slight_smile:

strong text :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I want more. Just like Oliver Twist.

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my highest gain is about 150%++ from $RAVEN. my highest loss is $SLV, a discontinued project, zero value.

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Ive made about 500$ in tezos with the bull run in the last weeks, its was my first experience ever, so its very nice