Your top DeFi projects

Since DeFi is the hottest topic in Crypto world most of the projects are moving towards DeFi and new DeFi project are emerging.
So which DeFi project do you think it will be a great opportunity to invest?

Please name them.


Top Defi projects I follow are KAVA, LEND, BNT, BAND, KNC.

always do a in depth research before you invest. Good luck!


I’m holding KAVA & BAND from your list.
Thank you for suggestion.


I’m thinking to hold LINK.
Yep I’m just curious, what other people’s are holding tokens.


What about OM mantra Dao, Degen VC and ACED all good project. Not a finiacial advice.

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I’m not too interested with DeFi project, but I’m interested with the chain or the tech behind it. I put my trust on Polkadot and Chainlink


Me too.
Chainlink is an interesting topic.

I don’t join Defi :v i will stand and see that

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It will be better to observe first.

Don’t trust defi project yet, give it sometime to observe Chainlink is more reliable to me, its just ma opinion.

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Một con hổ săn mồi thường mất nhiều thời gian rình rập. Quan sát tín hiệu để quyết định vào hay ko giúp ích cho việc tiền ở lại túi của bạn. Mình cũng có cùng suy nghĩ như bạn. Me too.


Yup. I’m observing now also carry holding few defi crypto.

Going to be Pancake :pancakes:

So much credit to panacake and bifi, am so much impressed by what binance have done. They really changed ma believe on defi totally.

$bifi $Ada $Cake and $reef