About WalletConnect fee

Hi. It is the first time I use Wallet Connect.

I have some ETH in my TrustWallet, and I would like to Swap them via Uniswap. Some ETH to C3 (Charli3) ot SLP (Small Love Potion).

Lets say I have only 0,05906 ETH in my TrustWallet, which is around 230$.

And let’s say that I tried to swap 0.02950, which is around 116$, to C3. Ok, so before accepting the transaction in TrustWallet, it shows me a screen with an additional fee… which is even more of those 116$ !!. So TrustWallet says I don’t have enough funds to do the transaction, because 116$ that I want to swap, plus more than 100$ for the fee, is more than the 0,05906 ETH that I have in my TrustWallet.

How is this possible that TrustWallet has a fee of MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to make a swap between ETH blckchain?.

Someone could explain me this, please?. It does not seem normal.

Also, there is other alternative apart from WalletConnect that I could use to do the swap avoiding that absolutely ridicule fee of +100$?.

This is totally crazy, I try to swap 100€ / 0.2950 ETH to SLP or C3, and it asks me for a network fee of 256€.

Just crazy.

I would like to ask if this thing is normal in the ETH network.

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Hello @pitoloko Trust wallet doesn’t charge any fee, all fees deducted are going directly to the miners. Trust Wallet calculates fees according to current network conditions.

Learn more here:

  1. https://community.trustwallet.com/t/what-is-an-eth-gas-fee/116
  2. https://community.trustwallet.com/t/why-is-my-eth-transaction-fee-so-high/30604
  3. How to Change the ETH Gas Fee
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And which “network condition” Is the reason why a network fee of € 256 is calculated?.

I know TrustWallet is the intermediary, this seems to be calculated by Uniswap, but I just woud like to know if this crazy thing is normal, becase the fee price is more than the double amount of what I was trying to swap (100€ I swap, 256€ network fee). it is incomprehensible to me.

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@pitoloko we don’t control Ethereum network and the fees, app just calculates the network fee according to current network conditions. If you are not willing to pay the current high fees, you can wait until fees come down and swap.