How to Change the ETH Gas Fee

Fees are required in order to submit a transaction on the Ethereum (ETH) Network. The fees are set by the app based on the recommended Gas price fetched on the Ethereum nodes. When there is network congestion, the fees become higher. Changing the fees can cause your transaction to get stuck or fail.

All of the fees are paid to the miners regardless of wether the transaction gets confirmed or cancelled.

Fees are not refundable.

Learn more about how ETH Gas fees are calculated: What is EIP-1559?.

Create a Transaction

For this example, we are going to send some ETH. More complex transactions, like sending an ERC20 token or doing Swaps require higher fees. Put the Recipient Address and Amount then tap on Next to continue.

Access the Advanced Settings

The next screen will show a summary of the transaction and the estimated Network Fee. Tap the Gear at the upper right hand of the screen to access the Advanced settings.

Change the Fees

Changing the fees can cause your transaction to get stuck or fail.

Manually edit the Miner Tip (Gwei) and the Max Fee (Gwei) settings based on how much you are willing to spend for the transaction. This should be a numeric value. The app will give you a prompt about lowering the fees. Please be very careful with these settings.

Save your Settings

After putting in the desired fee, tap on Save to confirm the changes. You can now proceed with submitting the transaction.

This approach will be similar with other ETH transactions. Changing the fees is always done by tapping on the Gear icon before you hit the Confirm button.