Accidentally sent Ecomi (OMI) Tokens to Trust Wallet on ERC20 Ethereum Chain instead of GoChain

I sent Ecomi (OMI) tokens from Bitforex to the Trust Wallet, but I accidentally forgot to change the chain from ERC20 (Ethereum Chain) over to GoChain. I’ve gone through the steps of recovering, but I’m stuck on what to do with the private keys from the first address under DERIVED ADDRESSES . (see link below to understand after Step 5)

I tried to import a new wallet with the private key (where the ‘lost’ funds went to on the Ethereum ERC20 Network) but OMI is a custom coin that you have to insert on the Trust Wallet App. so I’m not sure how to get those lost Omi coins off the ERC20 chain and back into my wallet as OMI Token on the GoChain.

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This is resolved I figured it out!


Can you please share how you resolved it. I made the same mistake.

@Konshuns << Go here below on Reddit and read the original post and then read the comment section underneath for the solution

Hi, Can someone help please.
I think I have this problem also. I also sent on the ERC20 chain…
In my trust wallet, it does say I have 31,000 tokens, but it doesnt say the “$$” Balance.

Ive tried sending 10-15000 tokens from my trust to my metamask wallet, and it says insufficient/you dont have enough OMI tokens. It wont even let me send 1 token.

If someone could please help as I’d really like to get sorted.


Hi @cryptocryptocrypto,

The pricing data for Ecomi has been updated. Try to check again. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app.