Adding Trust Wallet to Metamask

Sir, “Private Key " is the Only option available in Metamask to import wallet. " Seeding Phrase” not available in Metamask. In Trust wallet only “Phrase” available as private Key: Now how can i get my private key instead of Phrase to add my Trust Wallet to Metamask.


Sandeep, it is a tricky and a risky thing that you are asking but is possible using Ian Coleman’s tool

You can use this tool TrustWallet Private Key exporter by IanColeman

Advise: Please make sure that you use this tool only on a secure and trusted device and keep you internet disconnected while using it for extra protection. Read this Am I in Control of My Private Keys?

If you wish to do the opposite and access your Metamask wallet from your Trust Wallet, use this guidance.
[Metamask to Trust] Access your Metamask wallet from Trust Wallet - YouTubeYouTube Trust wallet Video

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Hello @baweja.sandeep2,

You can do the method as suggested by Vipul. An alternative way is to re-install your Metamask wallet and import the recovery phrase from the Trust Wallet app.