Algorand (algo) not available to stake?

I buy ALGO token last night and cashing in to my trust wallet because I want to stake it but it’s not AVAILABLE? or it’s automatic Staked?


If it is automatically stake then you can check that your balance is staking wallet or not

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After sending ALGO to your Algorand wallet, just Hold ALGO to automatically generate rewards.

If you hold 100 ALGOs, you will earn around 10 ALGOs in rewards after one year. This would change if you are transacting your ALGOs and changing the balance.


The first deposit, 0.1 algo is deducted to activate the algo address, algo bonuses are automatic.

You can transfer your balance at any time.

You can read the article: How to Stake Algorand


Thank you to all your good reply :blush:

What’s the APR of $ALGO ?

It depends on the provider.
In Binance, it is 5.71%


They say for 100 algo you get ~10 per year, which is equivalent to 10%

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How much time to see First reward in Algo?

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All the information you need for staking algo is already here🙋‍♂️

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