Atom & Cosmos unstaking address problems

I staked cosmos(which shows up as ATOM and when I transferred it in it had a cosmos at the beginning of the address, ex. cosmos5a737d…) a while ago and want to unstake it yet it tells me I don’t have any ATOM to do this. So I transfered binance Peg cosmos to my acct and it STILL tells me I don’t have enough ATOM, yet I clearly do! How do I get the atom in my acct that isn’t staked to start the address with the cosmos prefix? How do I fix this so I can start my unstaking?

Hello @Cryptocnb1 the ATOM you have staked is native ATOM coin. You need native ATOM for gas fee in order to cover unstaking transaction.

If you have Binance peg ATOM follow this guide on how to convert it to native ATOM: Convert Binance-Peg Tokens to Native Assets