Convert Binance-Peg Tokens to Native Assets

How to convert the Pegged Tokens to Native Assets?

Send the token to Binance

Pegged Tokens can be swapped on for their native assets. You just have to deposit them to the exchange then withdraw the native one.

You need to select the correct deposit address when sending your Pegged Token to Binance. Choose either BEP2 or BEP20. You would need to have some BNB in order to send your tokens.

Here are some examples of deposit address that you need to choose when sending your Binance-Peg BTC to Binance.

Once the token is on your Binance account, you can then withdraw it as the native asset.
Choose the correct Network, put your address and follow the withdrawal process.

There will be a transaction fee that will be deducted when you withdraw crypto from Binance.