BEPSwap Liquidity: $10,000 RUNE Giveaway

The Trust Wallet team is happy to announce we are working with THORChain to offer users an ability to earn yield on their BEP2 TWT by providing liquidity into

BEPSwap is a “Binance Chain Uniswap” built using THORChain technology.

  • Liquidity providers can add liquidity (RUNE & TWT, or just TWT) to pools to earn on liquidity fees and incentives.
  • Traders can arbitrage between pools and Binance DEX in order to capture market inefficiencies and make money.
  • Users can swap between assets by simply making transactions into the pools.

Learn more about BEPswap in this Thorchain Medium post.

In order to enter you will need to add TWT liquidity to BEPSwap. Learn how here: How to Stake and Swap on BEPSwap

How to enter

Mandatory Rules:

  1. Retweet
  2. Follow @TrustWalletApp & @thorchain_org
  3. Add TWT liquidity on BEPSwap

Additional options to increase your chances are available when you enter:

Enter Here

Contest ends: 11:59PM 12th November 2020 (UTC)

250 winners, who have completed the mandatory steps will be picked at random. The RUNE will be distributed by Thorchain within 7 days.