Binance Pay: Frequently Asked Questions for Trust Wallet Users

What is Binance Pay?

Binance Pay is an easy-to-use, borderless, and secure way to send and receive cryptocurrencies from your mobile device. With Binance Pay, you can easily transfer crypto from Binance to your Trust Wallet – all in just a few clicks.

Do I need a Binance Account to use Binance Pay?

Yes, you need a Binance exchange account to use Binance Pay. You can download the Binance app directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

How do I deposit crypto from Binance to my Trust Wallet using Binance Pay?

To deposit crypto to Trust Wallet using Binance Pay, start by choosing the asset you want to deposit from within your Trust Wallet, then choose the Binance Pay option.

Step 1: Select “Receive” from the main page of your Trust Wallet mobile app.

Step 2: Select the asset you want to deposit from Binance.

Step 3: Choose the “Deposit from exchange” option.

Step 4: Choose “Binance Pay”.

From here, you’ll complete your transfer directly on the Binance platform.

For a comprehensive guide of the entire process, please view the following guide:

Deposit crypto from Binance to Trust Wallet using Binance Pay

Is Binance Pay supported on all devices?

Binance Pay is currently available for Apple iOS devices and Android devices.

Do I need to authenticate the connection between Binance and Trust Wallet every time I make a deposit?

If it’s your first time making a transfer to Trust Wallet using Binance Pay, you’ll need to authenticate the connection. You won’t be required to log in and authenticate again after the first use.

How many cryptocurrencies are supported by Binance Pay?

Binance Pay supports 50+ cryptocurrencies.

I can’t find an option in my Binance account to deposit crypto to Trust Wallet via Binance Pay

Please note that when you deposit crypto to Trust Wallet using Binance Pay, you will need to initiate the transfer process directly from your Trust Wallet. This will direct you to your Binance exchange account where you will complete the transfer.

Do I pay service fees when depositing crypto to Trust Wallet via Binance Pay?

Binance Pay is free to use from within Trust Wallet for crypto deposits, however, when completing the transfer on Binance, there are blockchain network fees that are not under the control of Trust Wallet or Binance. These network fees go to network participants who process transactions and are not paid to Binance or Trust Wallet.

Can I send the crypto I hold inside my Trust Wallet over to my exchange account using Binance Pay?

At this time you can deposit crypto from Binance to Trust Wallet using Binance Pay, however, you cannot yet send crypto you hold in the wallet to the exchange using these integrations. At Trust Wallet we are continually working on new features, so follow us on Twitter for updates @TrustWallet.

Can I use Binance Pay to buy crypto directly within Trust Wallet?

Currently, Binance Pay allows you to send crypto from Binance seamlessly to your Trust Wallet. If you would like to buy crypto directly from within Trust Wallet using a fiat payment method, please use these instructions or reach out to our support team if you have any future questions.

Are transactions reversible?

Transfers to Trust Wallet performed with the Binance Pay feature are not reversible. We encourage you to always check your transaction details carefully before confirming any transfer of crypto.