How to Transfer Crypto to Trust Wallet Using Binance Pay

Binance Pay allows you to seamlessly transfer crypto from Binance directly to your Trust Wallet. Here’s a quick checklist of what you’ll need to use this feature:

  • Trust Wallet mobile app
  • A Binance exchange account

Be sure to update your Trust Wallet mobile app to the latest version to help avoid any issues.

If you don’t have Trust Wallet yet, you can download the app here.

Why did Trust Wallet integrate with Binance Pay?

The integration provides a solution to many issues that Trust Wallet users, particularly newcomers, run into when transferring crypto from centralized exchanges. Previously, this was a drawn-out process, with users having to manually input addresses, switch between apps, and select the appropriate network to complete a transfer. With this new integration, users no longer have to input or scan any addresses. They can make crypto transfers in a few easy steps with it all being done automatically, allowing you to directly deposit crypto into Trust Wallet from your Binance Pay account and easily start accessing and interacting with web3 dApps.

Here is a quick guide to show how to use Trust Wallet to transfer crypto from your Binance Pay account to Trust Wallet.

First, ensure you have a Binance account

To use Binance Pay, you’ll first need to have a Binance exchange account. You can easily create a Binance account by visiting or download the Binance app on Apple App Store or Google Play.

Step 1: Access your Trust Wallet and select the ‘Receive’ button, then select the preferred crypto you would like to transfer. We will be using BNB Chain for this example.

Step 2: Select the ‘Deposit from exchange’ option down below on the receive page then select ‘Binance’

Step 3: Enter the amount of BNB that you wish to transfer then select ‘Confirm’. You will then need to enter your Pay PIN.

Step 4: The transfer will begin processing and it will prompt you to open your Trust Wallet app.

Step 5: After a few seconds you will receive a push notification in your Trust Wallet with your transaction details.

That is it! Enjoy super easy crypto deposits from your Binance Pay account to your Trust Wallet